Sunday, July 31, 2016

Event #1 - National Art Gallery of Albania

The National Art Gallery of Albania is one of the most renowned institutions in all of Albania. Under the dependency of the Ministry of Culture, The National Art Gallery preserves over 5,000 works of art and it features several different expositions that are both pleasing to look at as well as educational regarding the history and culture of Albania and other countries.

The most interesting exhibition I looked at was one that showed the urban plan of Albania in 2030. Considering the fact that Albania is plagued by such intense corruption, I thought it would be immensely interesting to see what the visionaries have planned for my tiny country.

The various aspects of the exhibit addressed the plan for sustainable economic development, improvements in quality of life in urban and rural areas, and the protection and improvement of the quality of the natural environment.

Much of the vision centered around an area of Albania from the capitol, Tirana, to the city of Durres where a lot of construction and investment is currently occurring.

What I found most interesting about the exhibit, was the connection between art and technology that was utilized to portray the various projects.

Pictured below are the black box rooms that utilized projectors to portray image and video onto screens that showed the vision that was created for Albania in 2030.

Another very interesting piece was a map of Albania that was created in the ground and a projector was synced up to the audio that explained directly on the map where the improvements were going to be made as well as the effects of climate change in Albania. Below, I have attached pictures and a video of this piece.

Proof of Attendance: Ticket Stubs

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