Sunday, July 31, 2016

EXTRA CREDIT EVENT - The National Museum of History

The National Museum of History in Tirana, Albania is the largest museum in all of Albania. The museum includes 8 pavilions: Pavilion of Antiquity, Pavilion of the Middle Ages, Pavilion of Renaissance, Pavilion of Independence, Pavilion of Iconography, Pavilion of the National Liberation Antifascist War, Pavilion of Communist Terror, and Pavilion of Mother Teresa. All of these 8 pavilions work together to explain the key events in Albanian History. 

The museum is filled with amazingly beautiful works of art such as sculptures, paintings, and statues. 

The thing I found most interesting in a museum dominated by art, is the display of the technology that was present in Albania during the time of the Communist Regime. The video camera pictured below, was used by the British journalist Daniel Damon from the "Sky News" television station and by the Albanian journalils, Azis Gjergjito film the events of the years 1990-1991, among which the falling of Enver Hoxha's (the Communist dictator of Albania) statue n Tirana. 

This is absolutely mind blowing, as some of the events that completely changed the course of history are documented in this technology that has now become a piece of art with which to remember our past. 

Another piece of technology I found very interesting was the tape recorder "UHER" that was used by the investigation teams which was retrieved from the archives of the Ministry of International Affairs. 

The amazing pieces on display in this museum are a phenomenal method of utilizing artistic expression to tell the history of an entire nation spanning hundreds of years. 

Image: Picture of me standing outside of the Mother Theresa Pavilion 

Image: Commander Bato which led the most powerful revolts of the Illyrians against 
the Roman Empire in the years 6-9 B.C. 

Image: The City of Berat in Albania

Image: George Castriot Skanderbeg, Albania's national hero

Proof of Attendance: Ticket Stub and Receipt 

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