Sunday, July 24, 2016

Event #2 - Krujë Castle Albania

One of the most renowned national monuments in Albania is the Krujë Castle in Krujë, Albania. The castle is infamous for the Turkish sieges that it withstood during the Albanian Revolt of 1432-36. The Krujë Casle has also been transformed into a museum dedicated to Albania's national hero, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg who fought for Albania against the Ottomans in 1444.

The Krujë Caste hold many famous paintings and sculptures as well as the sword of Skanderbeg.

In addition to being an artistic and historical monument, the castle has also inspired the development of new technology in Albania. The Krujë Castle is a huge tourist hotspot and the startup teams in Albania are working to develop a system of classifying the important historical monuments in Albania. They are trying to utilize QR codes to make it easier for tourists to scan various parts of monuments and read a little more about the historical context of each monument.

Although the project is still in the early developmental stages, it is an idea that will hopefully fuel tourism in Albania even more. When I went visited the castle, I found that it had been significantly reconstructed and there was a lot more information presented to visitors for each piece inside the museum. This was very helpful because it helped me gain a better understanding of Albanian history. Considering the fact that I left Albania when I was very young, it was hard for me to read the explanations in Albanian for each piece in the museum and as a result my parents had to explain it to me. With the development of the QR code project, the descriptions of the monuments and pieces of the museum would be written in English as well which is an international language and would significantly facilitate tourism and understanding of Albanian history.

George Kastriot in battle against the                       Mamica Kastriot, George's sister.

Hallway leading to George's Sword.

My cousin and I reading old letters sent by George Kastriot talking about Albania.

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